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February 23, 2012

Boeing 787 Dream Tour to March Through US, Canada and Mexico

Dream Tour 787 N787BX seen landing at Boeing Field shortly after its repaint into full Boeing house colors
The Dream Tour 787 (N787BX) seen in October 2011 landing at Boeing Field shortly after its repaint into full Boeing house colors. (Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren)
The fourth segment of Boeing‘s 787 Dream Tour will keep the state-of-the-art airliner in North America through most of the month of March.


March 1-4: Toronto, Canada, to visit Air Canada and local suppliers.
March 4: Boston, Mass., in support of Japan Airlines, which has announced that it will offer 787 service on the Tokyo-Boston route.
March 5-7: Newark, N.J., to visit United Airlines and its local stakeholders.
March 8-9: Mexico City, Mexico, to visit AeroMexico.
March 10-12: Phoenix, Ariz., to visit Honeywell, other suppliers and Boeing employees.
March 13: San Diego, Calif., to visit Goodrich and other suppliers.
March 14-15: Long Beach, Calif., to visit leasing companies, Boeing employees and suppliers.
March 15-17: Salt Lake City, Utah, to visit Boeing employees and suppliers.

Boeing says over 25,000 visitors have walked through the Dream Tour airplane during the first three segments of the tour, which have included stops in China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Qatar in December 2011; Wichita, Kan. Rockford, Ill., Huntsville, Ala., and Dublin, Ireland in January 2012; and Bangkok and Singapore in February.

The third 787 built overall, N787BX is fitted with business class and economy class cabins, and all the bells and whistles customers can order for their own Dreamliners such as LED lighting and electronically dimmable windows.

The fifth segment of the Dream Tour will kickoff in late March at the FIDAE Air Show in Santiago, Chile.