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January 24, 2012

TAM Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Paris [UPDATED]

UPDATE 8:00PM ET: TAM Flight 8055 suffered an engine failure shortly after takeoff, according to a report from The Aviation Herald. The airline says passengers are being accommodated in Paris hotels until Wednesday, when another plane will transport them to Rio.

UPDATE 6:00PM ET: A TAM press release says that the plane suffered a “technical problem” but did not say what the problem was. The airline says it is assisting the affected customers.

A TAM Airlines Airbus A330-200 made an emergency landing in Paris Tuesday afternoon.

TAM Airbus A330-200 PT-MVM

A TAM Airbus A330-200 (PT-MVM), similar to today’s incident aircraft, floats just seconds from touch down at Santiago, Chile. (Photo by Gordon Gebert)

Flight 8055, operated by aircraft PT-MVF, had just departed Charles DeGaulle Airport for Rio de Janeiro when it declared an emergency.

The aircraft flew north and circled over the English Channel to dump fuel before returning safely to Paris.

It is not known what caused the emergency landing.

  • http://twitter.com/jonnyhyman Jonny Hyman

    Wait, I thought A330′s can’t dump fuel?

    • Anonymous

      Fuel jettison is an option on A330-200s. It is not available on the -300 version.

    • Anonymous

      All TAM’s A330-200 have fuel jettinson system. They had dumped about 30.000 kg of fuel. Maximum landing weight of PT-MVF is 182.000 kg

  • http://twitter.com/erosrb Eros Ribeiro

    According to information released by the crew to passengers, the crash would have started the engine on the right side of the aircraft. Then the plane Airbus began having acceleration problems and difficulty in maintaining their level. Given the problems, the pilots decided to return to the airport in Paris.