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January 18, 2012

Free Booze Returning to American Airlines International Flights

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Black Russian in a vintage American Airlines glass

American Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will once again serve complimentary alcohol on most international flights.

Once upon a time, included in the price of every airline ticket was the right to enjoy an adult beverage or three, all to help pass the hours between point A and point B. In some parts of the world, this is still the norm, but over the past decade, free alcohol has been all but eliminated from the economy cabins of ancillary-revenue-hungry US airlines.

American, perhaps in an effort to retain the business of travelers spooked by their recent bankruptcy filing or maybe just because they were feeling benevolent when they woke up this morning, says they will return to the good ol’ days of in-flight inebriation beginning February 1st. That’s right: All American flights to Europe, Asia, and southern South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay) will offer free wine, liquor and beer.

Flying to the Caribbean, Colombia or Canada? Sorry, not international enough. You’ll still have to pay to get drunk.

CORRECTION – Jan. 19, 1:00pm: Liquor is not included in the free drinks, just wine and beer. Clearly we were drunk when we posted this.

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  • Anonymous

    AA returned complimentary wine and beer (not liquor) to these international segments to keep consistent the procedures of its One World alliance partners.  

  • Janine Tweedie