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January 17, 2012

Former White House Bomb Sniffing Dog Goes Rogue at Detroit Airport [UPDATED]

UPDATE 4:30 PM ET: Arco was found safe this afternoon.

A dog recently fired from his bomb sniffing job at the White House is on the lam at Detroit Metro Airport after escaping from handlers Monday night.

Arco the dog

Arco the dog. (Photo via Facebook)

Arco the dog had just arrived in Detroit from Tuscon aboard a Continental flight. When he was let out to use the bathroom fire hydrant, he made a run for it and has been darting around the airport ever since. Whenever someone approaches him, he runs away, or, in one case, bites them, as he did to a Detroit police officer.

A native of Belgium, Arco, 6, was fired from his job at the Washington DC Metro Police after he killed a cat. He has since been under the care of an organization that seeks homes for former police and military animals. According to a December Facebook posting offering Arco for adoption, “He is good with kids, other dogs, housebroken and sociable.”

We will update as the situation warrants.