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January 19, 2012

Final Call: TSA Admits Elderly Strip Search Screw Up, Airbus Finds Cause of A380 Wing Cracks

The retro liveried Garuda Indonesian Airways Boeing 737-800 PK-GFM taxis at Singapore
The retro liveried Garuda Indonesian Airways Boeing 737-800 PK-GFM taxis at Singapore

Photo of the Day: The retro liveried Garuda Indonesian Airways Boeing 737-800 (PK-GFM) taxis at Singapore. (Photo by Rajesh Changla)

• Meet Izzy, an adorable 6-year-old beagle who will find the contraband Russian horse sausage you hid in your suitcase when you pass through JFK customs. [NY Times]

• Onboard the world’s longest nonstop flight with an economy class, Qantas’s Sydney to Dallas service. [WSJ]

• Boeing assembly lines kept churning out airliners despite the epic snowstorm that pounded the Seattle area Wednesday and Thursday, but power was knocked out at a plant that produces 777 and 787 tail parts. [The Herald]

• TSA officials now admit that procedures were not followed when two elderly women were forced to remove their clothes at JFK’s Terminal 5. [Associated Press, via CBS]

• Airbus says it has traced the cause of recently discovered wing cracks on the A380 to a step in the manufacturing process. [Flight Global]

• Meanwhile, Boeing has its own problems with the 747-8 Intercontinental, the FAA forcing the airframer to seal off fuel tanks in the horizontal stabilizer due to a flutter issue. [Flight Global]

• Work has begun on a new $16.4 million control tower for Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. [AvStop]

• With less than two weeks until FAA funding expires again, the aviation industry is hoping Congress does a better job this time than when they allowed the agency to shut down last summer.

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