Aviation News

January 27, 2012

Final Call: Musical Merger Talks as Delta Considers Buying US Airways, New UAV Resembles Giant Sperm

Photo of the Day: A Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124 RA-82078 staring at us from Leipzig. Photo by Sebastian G.
Photo of the Day: A Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124 (RA-82078) staring at us from Leipzig. (Photo by Sebastian G.)
• After Delta expressed interest in buying American, and US Airways confirmed interest in buying American, Delta is now said to be considering a bid for US. [WSJ]

• A new UAV being developed demo’d for the Pentagon called the Argus One sure does look like a giant sperm. [Joe.ie]

• A Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter while on a supersonic Summer Olympics training exercise was responsible for scaring the bloody bejeesus out of northern England Thursday afternoon. [BBC]

• The LAPD is warning realtors to quit flying aerial drone cameras to photograph properties. [Business Insider]

• San Francisco International has become the world’s first airport to open a yoga studio. [SFist]

• A maintenance worker accidentally deployed an emergency slide on a Virgin America Airbus A320 at JFK Thursday evening, delaying the outbound flight to San Francisco by about four hours. [MSNBC]

US Air Force budget cuts will spell the end of six fighter squadrons, 28 Lockheed C-5 Galaxy jet, 65 Lockheed C-130 transports and the retirement of the Alenia C-27A Spartan. [Flightglobal]