Aviation News

January 25, 2012

Final Call: Cat in the Cockpit Grounds Air Canada Flight, Alaska Airlines Loses its Religion

Snowy Delta action at MSP
Snowy Delta action at MSP. (Photo by JDANDO)
• Dissatisfied with the accommodations in economy class, Ripples the cat wedged himself into the cockpit wiring of an Airbus A319 that was about to operate Air Canada’s early morning service from Halifax to Toronto, delaying the flight over four hours. [Toronto Star]

• Speaking of Canada, meet the country’s first female C-17 Globemaster pilot. [Royal Canadian Air Force]

• Alaska Airlines will no longer hand out prayer cards with meals. [Associated Press, via Oregon Public Broadcasting]

• Thanks to the structural mods needed to accomodate the larger engine, at least one analyst thinks development costs on the 737 MAX will be double those of the A320neo. [Flightglobal]

• Given the advantages of leasing airliners, why do airlines still buy planes? [The Economist]