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November 1, 2011

VIDEO: LOT Polish Airlines 767 from Newark Makes Belly Landing in Warsaw

A LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767 from Newark was forced to make a belly landing in Warsaw Tuesday morning due to problems extending its landing gear. No one was injured.

LOT Flight 16, the airline’s redeye flight from Newark to Warsaw, Boeing 767-300ER, departed Newark Liberty International Airport Monday night carrying 230 passengers. While on approach to Warsaw, the crew discovered the landing gear would not deploy.

After an hour of circling while attempting to resolve the malfunction, the pilots elected to dump fuel and make a belly landing. A small fire was extinguished, but no one on the plane was hurt.

TVN24 in Poland reported that the landing gear did not deploy due to a power malfunction.

Warsaw Chopin Airport is closed until Wednesday.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2NAKAUGAH2S5CMUOVSYIOZHVAM Ellis Reuben

    It was only GOD’s miracle.thank u very much lord JESUS CHRIST.ITS really all people safe.I really congraluate  to pilot MAYGOD BLESS PILOT AND HIS FAMILY.