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November 2, 2011

TSA Ignored Scanner Cancer Warnings, US Offers F-35 to India: Final Call

TAM Airbus A330 lined up to depart JFK as a DHL Boeing 767 taxis to the runway
TAM Airbus A330 lined up to depart JFK as a DHL Boeing 767 taxis to the runway

Photo of the Day: A TAM Airbus A330 lined up to depart JFK as a DHL Boeing 767 taxis to the runway. (Photo by Eric Dunetz)

• A day after a ProPublica report revealed that the TSA ignored warnings about the radiation dangers of full-body scanners, the agency now says it will conduct a new safety study. [ProPublica]

• Family members of a man killed in the Reno Air Races disaster have filed a $25 million lawsuit against the family of the crashed airplane’s pilot, Jimmy Leeward, as well as the plane’s mechanic, the Reno Air Racing Association, a manufacturer of aircraft parts and other parties. [Associated Press, via NBC News]

• The United States has formally offered the new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning for sale to India. [Associated Press, via ABC News]

• A closer look at airlines’ recently-developed practice of hiding availability of conventional seats in an effort to goad customers into buying premium seats. It might not be an accident that the first passenger cited is a guy whose profession is listed as “white-collar crime expert.” [WSJ]

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  • Ted Sebern

    It’s just not safe to fly any more.  Having my genitalia grasped by some female doesn’t feel good in airport circumstances in view of others, though an interested lady in an intimate condition doing so is pleasant.  I suggest that the people of our country begin to take buses, drive cars and take the train.  Just let the airlines hang!

    Our lives are not controlled by our transportation.  We control our transportation.