On This Day in Aviation History

October 25, 2011

On This Day in Aviation History: October 25th

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By: Matt Molnar
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2009: CSA Czech Airlines discontinues all long-haul routes from Prague, including New York and Toronto.

WA Douglas DC-2 NC13784

A TWA Douglas DC-2, NC13784. (Photo by William T. Larkins)

2007: The Airbus A380 makes its first revenue passenger flight, as Singapore Airlines flight 380 (operated by 9V-SKA) jets from Singapore to Sydney. Tickets for the flight were auctioned on eBay, with bids reaching over $100,000 per seat and proceeds donated to charity.

1985: Emirates operates its first revenue flight, from Dubai to Karachi using an Airbus A300 leased from Pakistan International Airlines.

1951: Japan Airlines operates its first flights, using three Martin 2-0-2 airliners leased from Northwest Airlines and flown by Northwest crews.

1944: Japan’s first kamikaze mission sinks the carrier USS St. Lo.

1930: Using Douglas DC-2 aircraft, TWA, then known as Transcontinental & Western Air, commences the Lindbergh Route, the first scheduled service between New York and Los Angeles. The initial schedule included an overnight stop in Kansas City.