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October 13, 2011

Jet Bridges to Nowhere Now Go Somewhere, Singapore Scoot May Fly 777s to US and More: Final Call

broken ruler
Final Call is a new daily column of news that we think readers will be interested in but that we didn’t get to cover ourselves during the day. -Ed
broken ruler

  • Last week’s East River helicopter crash has claimed the life of a second passenger. [WNYC]
  • The Intertubes have been abuzz about the jetways at a new $36 million, stimulus-funded Louisiana airport terminal not being long enough to reach the planes. Turns out the jetways are fine, but the guys who painted the tarmac markings were at fault. [The News Star]
  • Singapore Airlines is already talking about flying 400-seat 777s to the US, Europe and Australia with their new Scoot low cost carrier. [Today in the Sky]
  • A Hawaiian Airlines flight may have committed a runway incursion in Japan, forcing a landing jet to go around. [Hawaii News Now]
  • AirTran will soon start forcing “passengers of size” to buy an extra seat, matching the policy of their Southwest Airlines corporate overlords. [Pocono Record]