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October 3, 2011

Greece Flights Canceled Ahead of Air Traffic Controllers Strike Wednesday October 5

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By: Matt Molnar
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An Aegean 737-400 (SX-BGX) on short final at Amsterdam. (Photo by Joop Stroes)
An Aegean 737-400 (SX-BGX) on short final at Amsterdam. (Photo by Joop Stroes)
Airlines serving Greece have canceled some or all flights on Wednesday, Oct. 5th, in preparation for a nationwide, 24-hour strike scheduled for civil workers.

Athens-based Aegean Airlines has preemptively canceled all service on Wednesday, and other carriers serving the country will likely follow suit. Some flights to other countries which would normally fly through Greek airspace may be forced to steer around the country due to the lack of ATC.

A general strike by all Greek workers is set for October 19th.

Strikes in Greece are not uncommon, but this seems to be more serious, in the wake of massive layoffs, pension cuts and tax increases the government has imposed while attempting to appease European benefactors and remain solvent.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OXVT7THQZEBNT3SZKYQ7MDDHZM Kevin Wade

    A strike of any type always causes different types of anxiety.  Both for the the strikers and the people who aren’t involved.  The situations are always tense and people just get anxious.  As far as the cancelled flights go, I feel bad for those who had purchased tickets.  With no more flights, they’re pretty much grounded.  And for those involved in business with business class tickets…well you get the idea.