Aviation News

September 21, 2011

Virgin America to Launch New York to Palm Springs Route via San Francisco

Virgin America says it will begin flying between New York’s JFK International Airport to Palm Springs, Calif. on December 15th. The flight will stop in San Francisco in both directions.

Virgin America Air Colbert N621VA taxis to the gate at LAX

Virgin America's Air Colbert (N621VA) taxis to the gate at LAX. (Photo by Matt Molnar)

Operated by an Airbus A320, the new seasonal, daily service will operate through April 30, 2012. JFK-SFO travelers will also benefit, as the service means an additional frequency between the two cities in each direction.

Introductory fares to PSP start at $199 each way from JFK and only $99 if you’re leaving from SFO.

Situated in the desert about 110 miles east of Los Angeles and 135 miles northeast of San Diego, summer highs in the 110s and 120s are frequent in Palm Springs, but its resorts are a popular getaway during the temperate winter months.

The flight will be the first direct service (without a plane change) linking Palm Springs to New York in recent memory. Palm Springs is connected to mostly western cities by a number of airlines, the easternmost being Chicago operated by both American Airlines and United Airlines.


JFK-SFO-PSP Flight 25
Departs JFK 11:55 am
Arrives SFO 3:40 pm
Departs SFO 4:35 pm
Arrives PSP 6:05 pm

PSP-SFO-JFK Flight 30
Departs PSP 6:45 pm
Arrives SFO 8:25 pm
Departs SFO 9:25 pm
Arrives JFK 5:55 am (+1)

SFO-PSP Flight 25 [one leg]

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