On This Day in Aviation History

September 28, 2011

On This Day in Aviation History: September 28th

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By: Phil Derner Jr.
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2008 - SpaceX’s Falcon 1 becomes the first privately funded spacecraft to enter orbit.


1992 – Pakistan International Airlines Flight 268, a Airbus A300-203 (registered) AP-BCP), crashes into a mountain in Kathmandu, killing all 167 people on-board. The aircraft was on approach to land in a valley when it descended below the cleared altitude, striking a cloud-covered hillside.

1980 – Jaromir Wagner is the first to fly the Atlantic standing on a wing. (Think about that the next time you complain about sitting in coach.)

1924 – Two U.S. Army planes land after an around-world flight, Seattle to Seattle, after 175 days and 57 stops.

1920 – American pilot Howard Rinehart, flying a Dayton-Wright R.B Racer, becomes the first person to fly an airplane fitted with retractable landing gear.

1934 – Lufthansa flies its millionth customer.