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July 19, 2011

American Could Announce Order for 400 Boeing and Airbus Planes Wednesday: Report

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By: Matt Molnar
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American Airlines may announce Wednesday the largest aircraft order in history consisting of as many as 400 narrow-body planes worth $37 billion to be split between Boeing and Airbus, according to a Bloomberg report.

N372AA American Airlines 767-300

American's 767-300 N372AA taxis with the LAX control tower and Raytheon building in the background.

The deal would be twice as large as the previous largest order, a record set last month when AirAsia ordered 200 Airbus A320neo jets.

Options in the deal would provide for an additional 500 planes, for a total of 900, according to Bloomberg, citing sources.

American has scheduled an announcement at their Dallas Fort Worth International Airport hub on Wednesday which is widely expected to be regarding an order for new aircraft.

Boeing has offered American a re-engined version of their 737, for which American would be the launch customer, according to some reports. There has been increasing pressure on Boeing to offer an update to their most popular model since Airbus introduced an improved A320 dubbed the “neo” which is set to offer 15% improvements in fuel efficiency.