Aviation News

June 21, 2011

United Orders Winglets for Boeing 767-300ER Fleet

United Continental Holdings and Aviation Partners Boeing announced that an order has been placed for 14 sets of winglets to be used on United’s 767-300ERs. The cost to equip the 14 aircraft with winglets is estimated to be around $30 million.

United Airlines 767-300ER N677UA without winglets

United Airlines 767-300ER (N677UA) without winglets. (Photo by Brandon Farris)

“The installation of winglets on our aircraft improves the fuel efficiency of our fleet,” said Ron Baur, United’s vice president for its fleet. “Fuel is our largest, most volatile expense and winglets provide a natural hedge against rising fuel cost.”

The yearly savings expected from each set will average around 500,000 gallons of jet fuel. The winglets also can add an extra 320 nautical miles to an aircraft’s range or an extra 16,000 pounds to the 767′s payload.

United/Continental knows all about savings that are brought on from winglet installation, the airline saves $200 million annually after having winglets installed on the Boeing 737-300/500/700/800/900/900ER, 757-200/300 and now the 767-300ER.

Since Aviation Partners Boeing received certification back in 2009, they have received over 340 orders for its 767-300ER type blended winglets.

“We immensely appreciate the new United’s industry leading position in adopting Blended Winglet technology so aggressively,” says Aviation Partners Boeing CEO John Reimers. “United is simply widening the gap between profitable innovation and mediocrity.”

Installation is expected to begin in early 2012.