On This Day in Aviation History

June 28, 2011

On This Day in Aviation History: June 28th

1955: A Bell 47 helicopter lands atop Mont Blanc in the Alps at an altitude of 15,782 ft (4810 m), setting a world record for highest mountain landing by a helicopter.

1950: US Air Force B-26 Invaders fly first combat sorties over Korea.

1948: New helicopter speed record set at 124 mph (200 km/h) by a Fairey Gyrodyne.

1939: Women’s Auxiliary Air Force established in England. Women did not pilot aircraft, but did play a critical role in preparation, logistics and planning of Royal Air Force missions.

1927: A US Army Fokker C-2 flown by Lts. Albert F. Hegenberger and Lester J. Maitland takes off from Oakland on the first nonstop flight from continental US to Hawaii. They land safely in Honolulu 2,407 miles (3,874 km) and 25 1/2 hours later.

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