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June 10, 2011

China Building First Aircraft Carrier: Official

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By: Matt Molnar
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A Chinese military official on Thursday acknowledged that China is developing its first aircraft carrier.

Plane flying over China

Chen Bingde, Chief of General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army said the aircraft carrier was currently under construction, but it had not been completed, the Shanghai Daily reported.

Deputy Chief of General Staff Qi Jianguo, meanwhile, said the most important countries around the world had their own aircraft carrier, and as China continues to face threats around its seas, the country should also count with its own aircraft carrier.

However, Qi underlined that the aircraft carrier would never sail into other countries’ territorial waters.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the “sleeping giant”, only for peaceful purposes.  They ARE the new “evil empire”…They have just waited for a long time to come into fruition…