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May 11, 2011

UK-Bound Flight Diverted to Amsterdam After Man Attacks Flight Crew

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A British man was arrested in the Netherlands on Wednesday after he attacked the flight crew of a UK-bound passenger plane, local media reported.

Amsterdam Schiphol airport

The ANP news agency reported that the man was arrested by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport after the pilot of the passenger plane, which was carrying 157 passengers, decided to make an emergency landing.

A spokesman for the Marechaussee told the ANP news agency that the British citizen was “extremely aggressive” for unknown reasons. The flight, which was not identified, was flying from Poland to the United Kingdom.

“It was a violent incident. The fight resulted in a threatening situation,” the spokesman said. “A part of the crew even fled to the cockpit of the plane. The pilot then decided to land as soon as possible at Schiphol.”

Few details were available about the attack, but none of the passengers or crew members were reported to be injured. The aggressive man sustained minor injuries. The Marechaussee said no alcohol was involved but is looking into his medical condition for an explanation.

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