May 24, 2011

Help Joplin Tornado Victims, Get Free NYCAviation Gear

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The people of Joplin, Missouri and other tornado-devastated areas desperately need our help. In Joplin alone, over 75% of the city has been damaged or destroyed, leaving over 117 dead and thousands homeless. This tragedy is in addition to the hundreds killed in Alabama earlier this year.

We’ve set up a program that rewards your generosity. It’s not much, but we hope every little nudge can only help.

Donate $20 and get a free NYCAviation sticker.

Donate $150 and get a free NYCAviation t-shirt.

All donations are submitted directly to the American National Red Cross by FirstGiving and are tax deductible.

To collect your reward, simply forward your donation receipt email to [email protected], along with your mailing address and t-shirt size, if applicable.

The Red Cross is well equipped to help the residents of Joplin, but that is only possible through your generosity.

Thank you for your help.
—Matt Molnar and the NYCAviation Team

This Medevac helicopter was blown off the roof of St. John's Mercy Hospital in Joplin

This Medevac helicopter was blown off the roof of St. John's Mercy Hospital in Joplin. (Photo by Tom Uhlenbrock, Missouri Department of Natural Resources)

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