Aviation News

April 19, 2011

Plane Carrying Michelle Obama in Close Call with Cargo Jet at Andrews Air Force Base

A US Air Force jet carrying First Lady Michelle Obama was forced to abort its landing at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland when it came too close to a military cargo aircraft, according to a Washington Post report.

US Air Force C-40C

US Air Force C-40C. (Photo courtesy of US Air Force)

The arriving Boeing C-40 jet, a military variant of the Boeing 737, was carrying the First Lady from New York when it came unacceptably close a departing C-17 cargo jet which was still on the runway. After ordering a series of S-turns, it was determined the plane was still too close to the C-17 and it went around.

An FAA manager told the Washington Post that a Potomac TRACON controller showed “really bad controller technique” when he cleared the flight to approach Andrews given the separation involved.

The FAA was expected to release a statement Tuesday afternoon.