On This Day in Aviation History

April 25, 2011

On This Day in Aviation History: April 25th

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1983: NASA exploration spacecraft Pioneer 10 flies past the orbit of Pluto.

1972: German pilot Hans Werner-Grosse sets a new sailplane flight distance record of 908 miles (1,460 km) in a Schleicher ASW 12.

U.S. Air Force North American F-86F Sabres, led by Tuskegee airman Col. Ben O. Davis, fly over Korea in 1953

Three U.S. Air Force North American F-86F Sabres, led by Tuskegee airman Col. Ben O. Davis, fly over Korea in 1953.

1948: A North American F-86 Sabre becomes the first jet-powered aircraft to break the sound barrier.

1922: The Stout ST-1, the first all-metal airplane built for the U.S. Navy, makes its first flight, piloted by aviation pioneer Eddie Stinson.

1918: Belgian World War I fighter ace Willy Coppens records his first kill.

1868: John Bevins Moisant, designer, builder and pilot of the first aluminum airplane, is born in Kanakee, Illinois.

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