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Air India

Air India Pilots Strike Forces 150 Flight Cancellations Saturday

State-owned Air India cancelled 150 flights Saturday as nearly half of its 1,600 pilots continued their strike for the fourth day.
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Second Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Completes First Test Flight

The second Boeing 747-8I took to the skies on Tuesday for its first test flight. This will be the first 747-8I to be delivered to Lufthansa by the end of this year.
by Brandon Farris


Shooting Spree by Afghan Pilot at Kabul Airport Kills At Least 9

An Afghan military officer opened fire at an air force base in the Afghan capital on late Wednesday morning, officials said, killing at least nine people and injuring others.
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How to Maximize Your Camera’s Battery Life

Pack all the sunblock, Gatorade and protein bars you want, your long days of aviation photography will always be limited by the amount of juice in your camera. So what are the driving factors that you need to know about what tr...
by Manny Gonzalez


Southwest Airlines Jet Skids Off Runway in Chicago

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 skidded off a runway after landing at Chicago's Midway Airport, Tuesday afternoon. No one was injured.
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