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March 15, 2011

US and EU Reach Aviation Safety Agreement

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EU and US Flags in London

The European Union (EU) on Tuesday announced that it had reached a cooperation agreement with the United States regarding civil aviation safety, two years after the deal was initially announced.

EU and US Flags in London

The EU and US concluded the agreement on cooperation in the regulation of civil aviation safety to enable the “reciprocal acceptance of findings of compliance and approvals, promote a high degree of safety in air transport and ensure regulatory cooperation and harmonization between the United States and the EU,” the EU said.

The deal covers sectors such as airworthiness approvals and monitoring of civil aeronautical products, environmental testing and approvals of such products, and approvals and monitoring of maintenance facilities.

The agreement was initially reached in 2008, but it was languished in the US Congress. Following the EU’s final approval, however, it is expected to enter into force on May 1.

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