Aviation News

March 30, 2011

American Airlines Suspends Two Japan Flights

American Airlines on Wednesday announced the suspension of two daily flights between the United States and Japan.

American Airlines 777 Susan Komen Breast Cancer plane N759AN

(Photo by Matt Molnar)

The announcement said the suspension would take effect between April 7 and 25 due to the reduced demand of the route following the March 11 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

The flights involved are the New York-Tokyo Haneda route, which was recently launched in February, as well as one of the two daily flights between Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and the Narita Airport, which is just outside Tokyo.

In addition, Delta Airlines had previously announced that its capacity on its Japan routes would be reduced by maximum of 20 percent.

Other airlines are expected to reduce their flight routes to Japan as well.

Northeastern Japan was devastated by the catastrophic earthquake and resulting tsunami earlier this month, killing at least 10,800 people and leaving more than 16,000 others missing. Several aftershocks have continued to shake the country since the quake, which has also caused a nuclear crisis.