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February 23, 2011

Today in Aviation History: February 23rd

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By: NYCAviation Staff
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B-2 Bomber Crashes at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam
B-2 Bomber Crashes at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam
2010 – A house cat escapes from its carrier as its owner is traversing a TSA search at Newark Liberty Airport. The 25-lb cat proceeds to wedge itself under a baggage screening machine, forcing a temporary closure of the Terminal A checkpoint.

2010Kingfisher Airlines formally submits its application to join the oneworld alliance.

2008 – A United States Air Force B-2 Spirit crashes at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. It is the first operational loss of a B-2. The crew of two ejects safely, but the aircraft would be the most expensive write-off in history, as each B-2 rings up to around $1.2 billion. The cause of the crash is later determined to have been moisture in the air-data pressure sensors, producing inaccurate speed readings and then an early rotation and subsequent stall.

1997 – A small fire occurs on the Russian Space station, Mir, when a solid-fuel, oxygen-generating canister bursts into flames. There are no injuries.

1921 – A team of pilots completes an experimental coast-to-coast mail flight; flying by day and night, they link San Francisco and Long Island in a day-and-a-half’s flying time.

1914 – Harry Busteed makes the first test flight of the Bristol Scout biplane at Larkhill training center in England.

1909 – Aviator John A. McCurdy flies the Aerial Experimental Association’s Silver Dart biplane 40 feet over the frozen Bras d’Or lake at Baddeck Bay, making the first flight of a heavier-than-air machine in Canada.