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February 24, 2011

EasyJet in Hot Water Over Pork Sandwiches on Israel Flight

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By: Matt Molnar
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EasyJet has apologized after a catering error stocked a flight to Tel Aviv with bacon and ham rather than the usual kosher fare.

Easyjet pork kosher flight

The 4 1/2 hour flight from Tel Aviv to London was mistakenly stocked with the non-kosher meals when catering containers were inadvertently switched, according to the airline. Passengers aboard easyJet flights to Israel are normally offered kosher and vegetarian snacks, such as egg, mayonnaise and tomato sandwiches, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, and muffins or cakes. The airline says pork products are actually banned from planes operating on this route.

One passenger told The Jewish Chronicle, “It was a little insensitive. I think they need a lesson or two on cultural awareness if they expand their routes into the Middle East. It is not just Jewish passengers who do not eat pork but Muslim ones, too.”

“We would like to apologize to the passengers and can confirm we have done everything we can to ensure that this does not happen again,” said a spokeswoman for the London-based low fare carrier.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Lippe/100001164382932 Aaron Lippe

    Easy Jet DID NOT offer pork to its passengers–it offered a choice of bacon or ham. Who ever heard of a pork sandwich?
    The food was supplied by a Jewish airline catering company based at Ben Gurion airport.
    So Jews who want to keep kosher fly on a budget airline and were unwilling to pay the extra and pre-order a Kosher meal–wonder why? Making a row out of it—wonder why?