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January 11, 2011

Steve Jobs Evades Gulfstream Photo Bounty, Costs Apple $50

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By: Matt Molnar
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Apple (AAPL) shares were down over $1.70 in Tuesday afternoon trading after markets learned that a $50 iTunes gift card being offered by NYCAviation for photos of Steve Jobs’ Gulfstream landing in New York would not be purchased.

Angry Steve Jobs No Gulfstream For You

The popular aviation enthusiast site on Monday had placed a bounty on the first photo of the Apple CEO’s personal Gulfstream V landing in or near New York, ahead of an event in which it had been rumored that Verizon would announce the introduction of iPhone onto its network.

Jobs and his fancy plane evaded photographers, however, by sending in his stead Apple COO Tim Cook to speak at the Verizon-hosted event. It is unknown what mode of transportation Cook used to travel from Apple’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters, but there were no reported sightings of Jobs’ 1999 vintage G-V (N2N) in or around NYC.

No word on how Apple plans to recoup the $50 in lost revenue, which currently represents approximately 1/7th the price of a single AAPL share.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so much fun the amount of interest there is in anything Steve Jobs. It seems the whole world now waits to revolve till it checks in with him first. The Steve Jobs effect is just too much fun for an outsider looking in.