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January 4, 2011

Qantas to Build Commercial Jet Biofuel Plant

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By: BNO News
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Australia’s Qantas Airways, along with U.S. bioenergy firm Solena Group, will construct a $300 million plant focused on commercial jet biofuel, Biofuels Digest reported.

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The partnership – which is expected to finalize during the next two weeks – will be able to produce aviation biofuels from waste, such as food scraps, packaging and tree cuttings.

The plant could create up to 1,200 jobs, and it would become the second commercial waste biofuel plant in the world.

According to reports, Solena has been negotiating with other airlines to boost the use of biofuels in aviation.

Solena had previously partnered with British Airways to construct a 16 million gallon aviation biofuels demonstration plant in East London worth $309 million. The London project would utilize up to 500,000 tons of waste as feedstock for the project, the media outlet reported.