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November 23, 2010

Garuda Forced to Cancel Flights Due to Crew Scheduling System Glitch

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By: BNO News
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Continuing problems with Garuda Indonesia’s new automated crew rotation system resulted in the cancellation of 11 flights and the delays of another six, officials said Tuesday.

Since Sunday, thousands of passengers throughout Indonesia’s airport have been stranded after a loss of crew rotation data occurred when Garuda performed a switch-over to the new $1.5 million Integrated Operation Control System.

“The new system monitors quite a large operation, comprising 81 jet airliners, 580 pilots, 2,000 cabin crew and 2,000 flights per week,” the airline said.

“Despite intensive preparations and simulations, the migration/transition process from old system to new system still encountered problems, such as mix up in the scheduling of cabin crew, which subsequently led to flight delays and cancellations.”

“There was less chaos today at the airport,” said Andang Santoso, spokesman for Angkasa Pura II, the operator for Soekarno-Hatta International Airport as it is the third consecutive day in which Garuda faces setbacks.

Frans Yosef, another representative of the operator, told the Jakarta Globe, that 10 domestic flights and an afternoon international flight to Kuala Lumpur had been canceled, adding that there were 30-minute delays for flights to Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Jambi, Surabaya, Malang and Denpasar.

However, Garuda said that there normal service will be reinstated on Thursday after issuing a public apology.

“Garuda Indonesia expresses its deepest regret and sincerest apologies to all its customers for the recent flight delays and cancellations on account of a new operational monitoring system being implemented,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Garuda on Tuesday signed an agreement to join the SkyTeam global airline alliance and its daily 13,000 flights to 169 countries.

“We expect Jakarta to provide an alternative to and from Asia,” SkyTeam Chairman Leo van Wijk told reporters in Jakarta as the agreement will be expanding SkyTeam’s presence in Southeast Asia.