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November 21, 2010

Engine Fire Aboard Delta Flight Forces Emergency Landing in New York

Flight path Delta Flight 30 engine fire
Delta Flight 30's flight path. (Courtesy of FlightAware.com)
A Delta Air Lines jet carrying 200 passengers and crew returned to JFK Airport in New York due after experiencing an engine failure and reports that a wing was on fire.

Flight path Delta Flight 30 engine fire

Delta Flight 30′s flight path. (Courtesy of FlightAware.com)

Delta Flight 30, a Boeing 767-300ER enroute to Moscow from New York, experienced the difficulty shortly after taking off at 4:59pm local time. It proceeded to circle and dump fuel over central and southern Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean before safely landing at JFK about 50 minutes later.


  • Anonymous

    flying today is a gamble, and why anyone would choose to fly is beyond me. Poorly maintained aircraft…a disaster, disasters, waiting to happen.

    • http://nycaviation.com nycaviation

      Engine failures happen multiple times a week, yet the odds of dying in a crash remain around the same as those of getting struck by lightning…7 times. Flying is far less of a gamble than your daily commute to and from work.