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October 7, 2010

Iran Plans to Launch Manned Space Missions by 2022

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By: BNO News
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The Iranian Space Agency (ISA) on Wednesday announced that the Islamic country is planning and preparing all necessary technological grounds to send a man into space by 2022, the state-run Fars news agency reported.

“Iran will send man into the space in the next 12 years,” said ISA Deputy Head for Technology Mohammed Mardani during the opening of the ‘Man and Space’ exhibition in Tehran.

Mardani added that Iran needs to continue developing its space technology and its relations with other political, social, security and defense areas. He also announced that Iranian scientists are currently working on the designs of 10 to 15 Iranian satellites.

Iran plans to launch a satellite, which is being constructed at the moment, for the 360,000 kilometers orbit that will provide Iranians with improved telecommunication, radio and TV services.

In February, Iran sent Omid, the first biocapsule of living creatures in to space, in order to gather information and test equipment. The research satellite spent three months in space before reentering Earth’s atmosphere last April.

Omid completed over 700 orbits in approximately seven weeks. After successfully completed its mission, Iran unveiled three more satellites, Tolou, Mesbah II and Navid, as well as a new satellite carrier called Simorgh.