Aviation News

September 9, 2010

Update: Explosion Near SFO Was Not Result of a Plane Crash

A large explosion rocked the city of San Bruno in California on Thursday, not far from San Francisco International Airport, but the cause does not appear to be a plane crash.

A large fireball was seen by numerous witnesses, setting numerous homes on fire. The cause of the explosion and resulting fire was not immediately known, but was not far from San Francisco International Airport.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesman Ian Gregor said no plane had gone down in the neighborhood. “At this time we don’t think it’s a plane,” he said.

First responders via emergency scanners initially said a ‘large commercial aircraft’ had crashed in the area, setting scores of homes on fire. But they later said the cause appeared to be a natural gas explosion and not a plane crash.

At least several people were reported injured.