Aviation News

September 22, 2010

Colombian Teen Flies Across South America Without Ticket or Documents

A Colombian boy traveled from Bogota to Santiago, Chile without documents after evading airport security on Saturday night, authorities said on Tuesday.

Daniel Guzman, 15, managed to evade five security controls at the Eldorado airport in Bogota before boarding Avianca flight 097 to Santiago, including immigration services, the airline security, and one of a private security company.

Guzman was not bothered by Colombian authorities and took advantage of distractions to bypass the security checkpoints. Once inside the airplane he found an empty seat and remained quiet for the rest of the flight.

The incident has raised concern on the Eldorado airport’s security. The parents of the minor were enraged after learning that their son landed in Santiago. Video surveillance showed the 15-year-old minor evading security throughout the Colombian airport.

After arriving at the Santiago airport, security officials discovered a 15-year-old Colombian without passport, with only a backpack as luggage. He appeared very nervous while the rest of the passengers were presenting their passports.

He was detained by Chilean police officers and taken into custody for further questioning. Guzman was sent back home in another Avianca flight and arrived in Bogota at noon on Sunday.