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September 22, 2010

Air Service Between Albany and Buffalo to Be Grounded

As of October 3rd, air service between New York’s state capital and its second largest city will go the way of the dodo.

The 6x weekly Colgan Air flights—operated on behalf of US Airways—between Albany and Buffalo will be discontinued.

Without the flights, travelers between the two cities will be forced to endure a five hour drive, a six hour ride on Amtrak or nearly seven hours on a Greyhound bus.

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AeroGal's Boeing 767-300ER (HC-CIJ) at JFK's Terminal 4 prior to its late night departure. (Photo by Senga Butts)

AeroGal to End New York-Ecuador Flights

AeroGal will discontinue its flights linking Ecuador to New York City and layoff 120 employees, according to a company statement.
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Alaska Airlines to Ground Flights to Eureka and Redding, Calif.

Alaska Airlines has announced it will discontinue flights linking the northern California cities of Eureka and Redding with Los Angeles.
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AirTran to Launch Four New Routes Out of Fort Myers

AirTran Airways on Wednesday announced several new flights to Ft. Myers, Florida from several airports in its coast to coast network, the airline said.
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JetBlue to Discontinue Service Between New York and Richmond

JetBlue will leave the Richmond-New York/JFK market beginning in November, according to a published report.
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