On This Day in Aviation History

August 23, 2010

On This Day in Aviation History: August 23rd

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1878, the British use their first ever military aviation budget of £150 to build and fly their first balloon, the Pioneer.

1913, Léon Letort completes the first non-stop flight between Paris and Berlin, about 560 miles, in eight hours, flying an 80hp Le Rhone-powered Morane-Saulnier monoplane.

1949, BOAC launches the first service from the west to the Far East to use landplanes exclusively.

1954, the Lockheed C-130 Hercules makes its maiden flight, from the production plant in Burbank, Calif. to Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

1977, the Gossamer Condor, the world’s first successful human-powered aircraft capable of controlled flight, wins the Kremer prize by completing a figure-eight course designed by the Royal Aeronautical Society at Shafter Field in California.

2005, TANS Peru Flight 204, a Boeing 737-200 (OB-1809-P), crashes while landing in a hailstorm at Pucallpa, Peru, killing 40 of the 91 people on board.

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