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July 2, 2010

Russian Supply Spacecraft Spinning Out of Control at International Space Station

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By: BNO News
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(Photo via Wikipedia Commons)
(Photo via Wikipedia Commons)

(Photo via Wikipedia Commons)

HOUSTON (BNO NEWS) — Mission control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center on Friday said that a Russian supply spacecraft had ‘uncontrollable rotation’ during an attempt to dock at the International Space Station.

As officials were making a planned docking of a Russian supply spacecraft, the maneuver failed and the supply spacecraft flew past the space station at a distance of two miles or three kilometers, said Lynnette Madison, a spokeswoman for NASA.

“At this point the managers are looking at the situation, making an assessment whether or not we will make another attempt to dock,” said Madison.

Madison added that the Johnson Space Center has “some control” of the Russian ship and that there was no danger to the ISS at this time. “Normally we don’t have any problems with docking, this an unusual event,” she added.