July 27, 2010

Photo Gallery: SkyFest 2010 at Fairchild Air Force Base


The skies over Fairchild AFB and the City of Spokane were alive with airpower this weekend. Despite temperatures in the mid 90′s through the weekend, thousands turned out to watch the dozen or so performers work their magic. Acrobatic performers Tim Weber and Jacquie B left jaws dropping with their dizzying rolls, hammerheads, and loops. Other civilian performers including the Cascade Warbirds, the F4 Phantom, and Historic Flight Foundation’s P-51 and B-25, who showcased the power and beauty of aviation era’s gone by. And of course the military wasn’t to be outdone: Demos included the KC-135, C-17, F-18 Hornet, A-10 Warthog, B-2 Stealth Bomber, and of course the USAF Thunderbirds in their F-16 Falcons. Take a moment and glance through the photo gallery from this awesome show!