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July 28, 2010

Brazil’s TAM Airlines Orders 25 Airbus Aircraft

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TAM Airbus A330-200 PT-MVM

A TAM Airbus A330-200 (PT-MVM) floats just seconds from touch down at Santiago, Chile. (Photo by Gordon Gebert)

TAM Airlines signed a firm order for 25 Airbus aircraft, bringing the Brazilian airline’s total Airbus order book to 176, Airbus said in a statement on Wednesday.

The order for 20 A320 Family and five A350-900s follows the Memorandum of Understanding announced at ILA Berlin Air Show in June, Airbus said.

TAM’s new A320 Family aircraft will replace existing A320 Family aircraft as part of the airline’s commitment to keep an average fleet age of six years. Both the A320 Family and A350 XWB fleet will serve the carrier’s existing routes and boost eco-efficiency. “We have the commitment to offer our customers one of the youngest fleets in the world of aviation,” said Líbano Barroso, CEO of TAM Airlines.

As of today, TAM’s total Airbus orders have increased to 134 A320 Family aircraft, 15 A330-200s and 27 A350 XWB. 65 Airbus A320 Family aircraft, two A330-200s and 27 A350 XWB are still in the backlog.

TAM is Airbus’ biggest customer in the Southern Hemisphere and Brazil’s largest airline.

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