Aviation News

July 7, 2010

American Airlines Loses Handguns Belonging to Israeli Prime Minister’s Security Detail


The crack-up crew of American Airlines baggage handlers at New York-Kennedy Airport (JFK) has followed up its bike breaking fiasco by “losing” four handguns. Oh, and not just any handguns, but four very pricey and very deadly Glock 9mm shooters belonging to a security detail protecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The guns were in a checked suitcase destined for Washington, D.C. where a team of security officers were meant to meet the PM, who was visiting President Obama. Said suitcase instead landed in Los Angeles (LAX) and the guns were nowhere to be found. It is not clear if the guns disappeared in New York or in LA.

We can only hope that Mr. Netanyahu will make a viral video about the incident if AA does not compensate them.