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PHOTOS: 2010 New York Air Show at Jones Beach

The Jones Beach Air Show brought out huge crowds this weekend and photographer Scott Snorteland was in the air and on the ground to capture some of the best moments on camera.
by Phil Derner Jr.


California Man Thinks He’s Henry Hill, Sues City for Following Him with Helicopters

A man who may have seen the movie Goodfellas one time too many is suing the city of Huntington Beach, Calif. for sending helicopters and planes to follow him 20 times a day for the past two years.
by Matt Molnar


Presidential Visit Mangles Runway at Small Massachusetts Airport

The single runway of a tiny airfield west of Boston suffered severe damage when President Barack Obama paid a visit in April. Now the owner is petitioning the government to fix it.
by admin



Flying Through History Aboard the B-17 Flying Fortress: A Photo Essay

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was America's workhorse bomber throughout World War II. Few flyable copies remain, but two of them, Liberty Belle and Aluminum Overcast, recently visited Seattle. We got to fly both of them.
by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren


John Travolta’s Dogs Killed by Ground Equipment at Bangor Airport

A truck on its way to service John Travolta's aircraft accidentally hit and killed two dogs belonging to the actor's family as they were being walked on the tarmac at Bangor International Airport.
by admin