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April 10, 2010

The Lav: Pay-per-Pee on Ryanair, Weekend at Bernie’s 3 At the Airport and More No-Good Aviation News

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By: Andy Bokanev
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Everyone lived. (Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren)
Everyone lived. (Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/NYCAviation composite)
Every time Ryanair slips out of the spotlight, CEO Michael O’Leary finds a new way to bring his no-frills-will-fly-you-to-within-100-miles-of-the-city-you-booked-your-ticket-to airline right back into the headlines. Some time ago, O’Leary mentioned that the airline was considering upping the auxiliary income ante by starting to charge its passengers to use the lav. He was not bluffing. Reportedly, Ryanair is working with Boeing on modifications to the 737 that include removal of some lavs and installation of coin operated doors. Why remove the lavs? To add more seats! Sounds like an ambitious plan, however Ryanair should expect an increase in its upholstery cleaning costs.

The desire to nickel and dime its passengers must be contagious, because Florida-based Spirit Airlines announced this week that it will start charging for carry on bags. If there was such a thing as a race to the bottom, Spirit is now winning. Your move, O’Leary!

The Starbucks at Boston Logan now serves LSD Lattes! Call your parents!

Air Canada Jazz this week decided to roll like a school bus and leave a sleeping passenger on board. The 31-year-old British professor woke up about 90 minutes after the airplane was de-boarded and parked in the airline’s hangar in Vancouver.

Two women were arrested in Liverpool earlier this week after they tried to board an EasyJet flight accompanied by a 91-year old deceased man in a wheelchair. The investigation continues, but Scotland Yard is seeking Andrew McCarthy and Johnathan Silverman for questioning.