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April 23, 2010

PHOTOS: Air Force One, Marine One and Air Force Two Visit New York on Earth Day

Air Force One (VC-25A, 29000) carrying President Barack Obama on final approach to Runway 31R at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. (Photo by Eric Dunetz)

No matter what you might think of the guys on board, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t think the meticulously polished aircraft used to transport the President and Vice President of the United States are among the prettiest you’ll ever see. On Thursday, April 22nd, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden made extraordinarily unusual parallel visits to New York, flying from Washington aboard separate planes to separate airports at nearly the same time. NYCAviation planespotters were on hand to take advantage of the rare opportunity to see all of these gorgeous aircraft on the same day.

First to arrive was Vice President Biden, who flew to LaGuardia Airport aboard Air Force Two, a Boeing C-32A.

Air Force Two on approach to LaGuardia Airport Runway 22

Air Force Two on approach to New York-LaGuardia Airport, Runway 22. (Photo by Vidiot)

Air Force Two touches down

Air Force Two touches down. Donald Trump’s 727 is visible on the left. (Photo by Vidiot)

Next up was President Obama himself, seen here (and at top) aboard Air Force One, a Boeing VC-25A, on final approach to John F. Kennedy Airport.

Air Force One VC-25A 29000 carrying President Barack Obama to New York

Air Force One (VC-25A, 29000) carrying President Barack Obama on final approach to Runway 31R at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. (Photo by Eric Dunetz)

The President and his entourage are usually transported from JFK to Manhattan’s Wall Street Downtown Heliport (JRB) via Marine Corps helicopters, as seen here.

Marine Corps Chinook support helicopter approaches Wall Street Heliport

A Marine Corps CH-46 Sea Knight approaches Wall Street Heliport (JRB). (Photo by Dennis Wong)

And another Sea Knight kicks up some East River mist. (Photo by Dennis Wong)

Marine One? Nope, this is a decoy VH-3D. (Photo by Dennis Wong)

THIS is Marine One, carrying the President. (Photo by Dennis Wong)

The President’s limousine awaits. (Photo by Dennis Wong)

Time to go. President Obama headed back to Washington almost immediately after delivering a speech on Wall Street regulatory reform at Cooper Union.

President Obama and his entourage walk back to Marine One. The President is the tall guy in the middle of the photo. (+++Click photo to enlarge) (Photo by Dennis Wong)

Onto Air Force One and back to the White House we go!

Air Force One departs New York

Air Force One departs JFK Runway 13L. (Photo by Eric Dunetz)

Air Force One departure

Air Force One blasts out of JFK enroute to Andrews Air Force Base. (Photo by Fred Miller)

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