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Southwest Carries Most Passengers During 2009 Industry Downturn

In the midst of a 5.3% industry-wide decline in passengers, Southwest Airlines retained its crown as the nation's biggest carrier in 2009. American finished second overall while carrying the most international passengers.
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JetBlue and American Airlines Announce Strategic Connection Deal at JFK and Boston: Confirmed

JetBlue and American have announced a groundbreaking agreement connecting domestic and international flights at JFK and Boston.
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Waves of Change: Caribbean Airlines to Operate Air Jamaica Ahead of Imminent Sale

An agreement to continue Air Jamaica operations under the Caribbean Airlines brand goes into effect next month, but the Jamaican government is now being forced to modify the terms of the deal in anticipation of even bigger chan...
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Boeing NewGen Tanker

Boeing NewGen Tanker Enters Air Force KC-X Competition

Boeing's pitch for the US Air Force's latest tanker competition will be a 767-based jet retrofitted with displays from the state-of-the-art 787 flight deck, among other improvements.
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Boeing Hires Atlas Air to Take Over Dreamlifter Flying

Atlas Air will soon assume the flying duties for Boeing's fleet of Dreamlifter cargo aircraft, a contract currently held by Evergreen International.
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