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March 2, 2010

Republic Airways May Dump Midwest and Frontier Airlines Brand Names

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By: Mark Lawrence
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(Photo by John Osciak)

One year after celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Midwest Airlines brand name may very soon disappearing. Republic Airways Holdings—which purchased Milwaukee-based Midwest in July and Denver-based Frontier Airlines in October—has announced its intention to launch a “unified brand plan.”

This comment was made after Republic Chairman Bryan Bedford said that a new brand name will be forthcoming and suggesting that neither the Frontier and Midwest brand names may not be used. Republic is currently surveying its customers and plans to complete the process by mid-March. Front-line employees of both Midwest and Frontier will then be involved in discussions. Sometime after Labor Day, one reservation system will be used for both airlines.

Bedford also said “We’re going to be very deliberate and cautious as to how we unify those (Midwest and Frontier) brands”. The objective of joining the brands is to provide a more consistent unit that includes customer service. Watch this space for the future announcements regarding these airlines.

(Photo by Ron Peel)