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March 10, 2010

Iraqi Government Firms Up 787 Buy

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By: Mark Lawrence
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Iraqi Airways 727 at Paris-Orly
Iraqi Airways 727 at Paris-Orly

Curiously, neither Boeing nor Iraq have put out an illustration of what their new planes will look like, so instead, here’s Iraqi Airways 727 (YI-AGR) at Paris-Orly, circa June 17, 1981. (Photo by MilborneOne)

The Government of Iraq has signed a formal agreement for the purchase of 10 Boeing 787 aircraft that will likely be operated by the nation’s flag carrier, Iraqi Airways. This finalization follows preliminary agreements that was initially first announced two years ago, and this past December.

Iraq will also be receiving 30 Boeing 737-800 aircraft as the result of a deal finalized in April 2008.