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March 24, 2010

Early Bird Report: Airlines Could Swing $7 Billion Turnaround in 2010

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By: Matt Molnar
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• If this year’s projections hold up, the major US carriers could swing from a $4 billion aggregate loss in 2009 to a $2.7 billion profit for 2010. [24/7 Wall St]

• Both Airbus and Boeing claim victory in WTO battle. We won’t know for sure for months. [Seattle Times]

• Boeing will purposely break the wings off a 787 this Sunday. [Flight Blogger]

Southwest shrinks Fall schedule by 3%. Orlando takes the biggest hit, losing 15 flights, while Denver gains 11. [Dallas Morning News Airline Biz]

• US Airways added its voice to the chorus of airlines asking the government to exempt them from obeying new tarmac delay rules at JFK Airport, and included a twist by also asking for exemptions at Philadelphia International (PHL), citing its status as a common destination for JFK weather diversions. [Associated Press]

Speaking of turnarounds, here’s a classic Colombian coffee commercial circa 1987: