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January 25, 2010

The Logbook: Spanish Fighters Take Down American F-15s

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Written by: Phil Derner Jr.
Eurofighter Typhoons, like this one, are actually expected to be able to take down aircraft like F-15s with their very modern technology. Would such a battle go as easily for them if they went up against F-22s, however?

Eurofighter Typhoons, like this one, are actually expected to be able to take down aircraft like F-15s with their very modern technology. Would such a battle go as easily for them if they went up against F-22s, however?

• Those Europeans and their fighter jets gave the US a run for our money as some Spanish Typhoons shot down four American F-15s, in mock-combat training of course, over Gando Air Force base in Grand Canaria. This, of course, has lead to some interesting trash talking and bragging rights that might greatly influence fighter sales among countries like Pakistan, who is prepping tt make a purchase in the near future.  [Popular Mechanics]

• An article from India explains that it is not uncommon for flight crews to show up drunk, and informs that aside from the fact that pilots are often not disciplined because the value of hard-to-find pilots, there is not even a law that would prevent a pilot from showing up sloshed. [India Today]

• Also out of India, a passenger who received an upgrade receives less-than-First Class service. She does, however, make a point by a humorous way of “revenge”. [NY Times]

• An Ethiopian Airlines 737-800 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea just after takeoff of the coast of Naameh in Lebanon. The aircraft (ET-ANB) took off in stormy weather and lost altitude just miles away from the airport. There is no confirmed words on the state of any of the 90 people on-board.

• Delta Airlines is looking to spend $1 billion upgrading existing aircraft instead of buying new ones over the next three years. In-Flight entertainment, improved cabins and blended winglets will allow them to save money while adding value to their airline as they await the emergence of newer aircraft further down the road. [AJC]

• The President’s State of the Union Address this Wednesday will bring with it additional restrictions to the airspace around Washington DC. [FAA]

• The UK Ministry of Defence says the Vickers VC-10 is safe to fly, after stating that they had halted some flying on the nearly 50-year-old type.  The Royal Air Force aircraft are used the aircraft for passenger transport and refueling of Tornado GR4s. [Flight Global]

• A computer glitch caused at least 300 China Eastern passenger to purchase tickets for $3.25. A misplaced decimal created the error, but the airline said they will actually honor the erroneous prices! [News.com]

• As part of the 7th annual travel and tourism consumer show TravelSuperMart, Dusseldorf International Airport will be hosting the world’s first indoor ski jump inside an airport. A slope that is 130-feet long in the departure area is sure to attract some attention of the expected 80,000 expected to witness the snowboarders and skiers that will be participating.

Some F-15s in dogfight training, set to Offspring…

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