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January 19, 2010

The Logbook: Indiana Jones 5 – Crusade for Meigs Field

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Written by: Phil Derner Jr.
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Harrison Ford is a big aviation enthusiast and pilot. He once bought a helicopter in South America for $2 million on the spot.

• As a repeated offender of the aviation world, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley took his latest stab at Harrison Ford, calling him “elitist”. Harrison had commented Daley’s decision to close Meigs Field, which has infuriated the general aviation community. [ABC4 (Chicago)]

• It was reported today that planes approaching La Guardia’s runway 31 we diverted because of a crane in the town of College Point that got a little too close. The town, which sits across Flushing Bay from the airport, it the home of a garbage facility that  that has brought aircraft-related controversy in the past. [NYCAviation]

• Ailing Japan Airlines (JAL) officially filed for bankruptcy protection today, after falling a whopping $25 billion in debt. This is coming days after the airline announced they would join the  SkyTeam airline alliance after a long bout between Delta and American to pair-up for their future recovery.

• US Airways has introduced a special fee for passengers desired to bring a bomb on-board. For a mere $100 million, passengers will have the option of bringing explosives or other weapons onto flights (it’s satire, relax). [The Onion]

• Concerned about your checked luggage falling out of sight at the airport? Pack a gun! By legally checking a firearm, even a cheap start pistol, you bag will be checked in your own site, and not behind the scenes! [LifeHacker]

• A genius aircraft-fueler at JFK was arrested after shining a red laser into the face of a JetBlue cockpit that was getting ready to depart to San Juan. Yeah, we don’t know why he would do that, either. [NY Post]

• An Iran Air Airbus A300 slid off of the runway in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday after an aborted takeoff. None of the 172 people on the aircraft were injured, and there was very minimal aircraft damage. Footage of the incident was captured from both inside and outside of the aircraft (see below).

• And some good Southern California spotting seen HERE. [NYCAviation]

Iranian Airbus A300 incident…

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