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January 28, 2010

Book ‘Lost’ Flight on Oceanic Airlines Through Kayak.com

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By: Matt Molnar
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Book a flight on Oceanic! Pricey!
Book a flight on Oceanic! Pricey!
Seems like a bad idea if you ask us, but if you really want to experience a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific and end up on an imaginary island where no one can find you, Kayak.com has a deal for you.

The travel search engine has hidden a so-called “Easter Egg” within their results: Look up a one way trip from Sydney to Los Angeles for Sept. 22nd and you’ll be given the option to buy a ticket on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, the same fictional airline and flight number which crashed on the popular ABC series Lost. Unfortunately, the site won’t actually let you enter your credit card to shell out the better part of $5K to make this trip—clicking the flight only leads you to the Lostpedia entry for Flight 815.

CNET points out that the price of the ticket ($4,815.16) airfare, and taxes ($23.42) corresponds to a sequence of numbers that frequently appears on the show. The sum of those numbers is 108, which jives with the 10 hour 8 minute flight time. (In reality, a SYD-LAX flight takes at least 14 hours).

Not certain if this was the product of some Kayakers having fun or a marketing stunt, but whatever the case it’s been a PR success: I thought it was cool enough to write about despite having never watched a single episode of Lost.